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Baby Floor Mats






Soft EVA


1ft x 1ft, 2ft x 2ft, 500mm x 500mm

10mm, 15mm, 20mm

15-30 Shore A


Kids Play Area

Baby Floor Mats for Crawling


We are one of the leading Baby Floor Mats manufacturers and kids play mats in India. Polytag India manufactures the Baby Floor mats by using high-quality soft EVA sheets which safe for kids. Baby Floor Mats for Kids is one of the most used playmats which helps the kids to play and learn.


Baby Floor Mats foam comes in different sizes, shapes, and colors which attracts small kids a lot. Baby Floor Mats for Crawling in India is widely used for the kids learning with fun.

Baby Floor Mats
Baby Crawl Mats
Baby Floor Mats for Crawling

Baby Crawling Mats

Baby Crawling Mats

Baby Crawling mats are the mats which can be put on the floor so that babies can easily crawl on that without getting their knees hurt. Baby Crawl Mats comes in different colors and sizes with alphabets and numbers on it which grabs the attention of the kids and hence helps them in learning at a very less age. 

Floors at home are generally hardened due to marbles and tiles. Polytag India as a Baby Crawling Mats manufacturers understand the concern of every mother and that's why we manufacture the Baby Crawling Mats with the help of Soft EVA.

Your baby can crawl, roll, sit and can do anything without getting hurt. Baby Crawl Mats are so comfortable that it also allows kids to take a nap if they get tired after so much of crawling.

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