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Yoga, Gym & Kabaddi mats manufacturers

industry - Sports & LEISURE 

Polytag offers a wide range of products in Sports & Leisure segment. Closed Cell foam flooring ensures the safety of sportsperson preventing injuries and provides firm support while performing.  We are the leading manufacturers of Yoga Mats  Interlocking Mats and Kabaddi Mats

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Interlocking Mats provide perfect surface reuired for fast pace sports like Kabaddi. Rubber cushioning prevents injury on fall. Mats are light in weight, easy to carry and install with any professional help. 
We use the best material for manufacture the kabaddi mats and known as the leading kabaddi mats manufacturers in India.

Polytag manufactures floor mats for Combat Sport or Mixed Martial arts. Mats made by elaborate proces to encourage best perfomanace out of athletes. Combat Sports include mats for Graplling, BJJ, Submission Wresting, etc. 

EVA = Ethylene Vinyl Acetate    PE = Polyethtylene    MC = Micro-Cellular

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