Interlocking GYM Mats

Specifications of Interlocking Gym Mats








1m x 1m, 2ft x 2ft, more...

10 mm to 40 mm

10-45 Shore A


General Exercise, Aerobics, Dance Studios, etc

Interlocking GYM Mats


We are one of the leading Interlocking Gym Mats Manufacturers and Suppliers. All-purpose Interlocking EVA Mats are the best-suited flooring material for sports which require soft and cushioned surface. It can be used in Home and Commercial sports activities. Different size options help to cover any areas from small to large with easy installation. The textured pattern and soft surface ensure safety while performing preventing injury. The wide range of thickness options gives the user flexibility to choosing suitable EVA Interlocking mats in a cost-effective way. Different surface textures are available. 


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Interlocking Mats

We are one of the leading interlocking mats manufacturers in Delhi, India.  We provide the best quality interlocking mats which can be used everywhere while yoga, kabaddi, MMA, BJJ, Gymnastics, etc. The interlocking mats can be easily assembled and can be customized for any location according to the area. Due to its shock-absorbent quality, it protects the people from getting hurt while practicing for any of the activity. It comes in various sizes, textures, colors, and thicknesses according to the need of the consumer.

Interlocking mats have the potential to absorb the shock hence it is most useful at places where heavy material is being used like gyms etc. They can be easily installed by any person and the interlocking edges of the mats help in providing a strong grip that doesn't let mat to move or dislocated. The density of these mats is designed in such a way that anyone who falls down on the mat will not get hurt due to its thickness or can be said as a cushioned application.

Benefits of Interlocking Mats

1. Light-weight:- Interlocking mats are very lightweight and can be easily moved from one place to another.

2. Easy to Install: - Due to the mat's lightweight application, they can be easily installed by even a single person.

3. Durable: - We use the high-quality EVA material in the manufacturing of interlocking mats which allows it to remain durable and hence provides a very long life to the mats.

4. Variations: - We are the leading interlocking mats manufacturers, suppliers, exporters, and wholesalers and very well known for manufacturing different types of interlocking mats based on their sizes, textures, colors, and thickness.

We provide customized mats based on the requirement of the client.

5. Shock-Absorbant: - Due to its high-quality EVA material in manufacturing interlocking mats and its appropriate thickness, one should not feel any injury while falling down accidentally on it.

Interlocking Mats can be used for:

Although, the demand for the interlocking mats has increased with a huge number and people are getting familiar with it.

It is nowadays used in homes as well as the textured interlocking mats look good and give comfort while standing on it. EVA interlocking mats can also be used for:-

1. Practicing kabaddi: - Although kabaddi mats are appropriate for practicing kabaddi, interlocking mats can be a substitute in doing the same as it will allow the players to get rid off injuries. It is appropriate for beginners who have just started playing kabaddi.

2. Practicing Yoga: - Yoga mats are no doubt best for doing yoga but one can also practice yoga, meditation, or any other type of physical activity on interlocking mats which will help them to lay down comfortably as well as a large area to practice on.

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We are the leading interlocking mats manufacturers, with clients all over the world. We provide high-quality interlocking mats with a guarantee of more than 5 years. 

With the perfect blend of chemicals and composition of EVA with manufacture the interlocking mats which lasts for longer without any problem. Also, based on the wholesale order we also provide customizations to our clients for sizes, colors, textures, and thickness of the interlocking mats as per their need.

The process of ordering the mats are really simple:-

1. Fill the form by clicking on contact us,

2. Fill out all your requirements for interlocking mats,

3. We'll reach out to you within 24-48 hours after receiving your inquiry,

4. You can then place your order after talking to us.

We believe in long term business relationships as well as manufacturing high-quality material. Our interlocking mats are best in the market with proper use of EVA material and thickness as per the requirement.