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MATS for Dairy Cow & Buffalo


Increases Resting Time

A cow puts about two-third of its weight on front knees while sitting down. Cow Mat absorbs excessive shock and helps them to sit/rise painlessly.

A cow lies down and rises several times every day. Soft surface encourages them to lie down for longer time periods on cow mats. 

Lying down increases blood flow through under by upto 30%

A cow produces most of her milk while lying down. It helps them to rest more.


Cow Mats Benefits

Cow Mats

Reduces Injury

Rubber Cow Mats
EVA Cow Mats

Increases Blood Flow

Cow Mats Features

Rubber Cow Mats

High density foam made to sustain loads more than 600 kgs without losing its cushioning, providing soft and flexible surface for lying.


Jindal Cow Mats

Acts as a thermal insulator which helps in maintaining body temperature contributing to improve overall health of a dairy cow.

Cow Mats for cow comfort

Cow Mats do not absorb liquids, thus are easy to wash or clean and helps in keeping cattle hygiene. 

Slip Resistant

Textured pattern on cow mats provides required foothold while rising/sitting and reducing any possible injury or animal stress.


Cow rubber mats

Underneath drain channel makes sure that bedding remains dry and prevents possible bacterial growth.


Load Bearing 


Cow Mats in India

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  • Size (Length X Width)                6 ft x 4 ft / 7 ft x 4 ft & others

  • Thickness                                   22/25/30 mm

  • Top Surface                                Amoeba/ Bubble

  • Bottom Surface                          Same as Top/ Drain Channel/ Reversible

  • Material                                      EVA Rubber Sponge

  • Color                                          Black/Green

  • Density                                       250 kgs/Cbm


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Cow Comfort is critical because of the importance to both cow and farmer of the cow spends most of the day lying down processing feed into milk. Therefore bedding must be comfortable to lie on. The coolness in summer and warmth in winter will promote cow comfort. Dry bedding is critical at all times both for comfort and for a reduction in pathogen growth.


Good footing is important for injury prevention. Non-abrasive bedding promotes both comfort and injury reduction. Farmer comfort requires in addition that bedding be cost-efficient, labor efficient, and that the bedding drains well to keep cows dry and limit the growth of pathogens.

Cow mats should be manufactured by keeping in mind so many specifications for the long-life and proper comfort to the cows. We are the leading cow mats manufacturers and serving this industry for so long and we understand how to produce an exact cow mat to provide the maximum comfort in all the seasons to the cows.

Cow mats are one of the most important factors in cow's life to help them live a longer life with total comfort and which helps in the productivity of the milk.


Cow rubber mats are planned and made from a microcellular mix of foam elastic otherwise called EVA or Ethylene Vinyl Acetate or the all-inclusive foam. 

Here the rubber mats join small air bubbles guaranteeing delicate, warm, and open to sheeting for dairy cows. As far as possible the endless advancement of the microbes, along these lines keeping up the wellbeing of the bovines.

Never Underestimate The Influence Of Animal Mats

Polytagindia is a company that specialises in producing high-quality animal rubber mats. These mats provide excellent comfort to cows, allowing them to recover from lameness while also increasing the animal's output. When the animal sits or rises, each solid rubber pad provides a tight grip to the animal's hooves. The mat's grooved side enables for waste drainage while also providing cushioning. To reduce slippage, these mats include a diamond design on one side.


Cow Mats plays a very important role in the production of milk. They are useful for both cows and their owners.


It helps cows to stay for long in a comfortable position which also helps them to rest for long without harming their knees. 


It also works as an insulator and hence keeps the mat warm in winters and cool in summers.


They are made up of soft EVA sheets that allow the cows to easily rest on the mat.


They are widely used in the farming sector as it is easy to keep the mat clean and they are also environment-friendly. The mats are washable and slip-resistant as well.


Some of the features of it are load-bearing, non-absorbent, insulation, slip-resistant, and drainage.

We are one of the leading Cow Mats manufacturers and suppliers, provides the high-quality Rubber Cow Mats in all the sizes and designs. We have our customers overseas as well.


Interlocking Cow Mats are very easy to install and can be shifted any time from one place to another. Nowadays, rubber cow mats become a critical part of the farm equipment investment.

The dairy cow comfort mats also come with an interlocking design which helps in covering the large surface area by inter-connecting the mats.

Polytag India is highly experienced in manufacturing the Cow Mats and has served many customers in India and Outside India with the best quality of EVA rubber used in the manufacturing process. 


We manufacture the best rubber cow mats which are comfortable for the cows as well as made with the best material which lasts long.


They have a wide cluster of advantages to offer the dairy cow, for example, better cleanliness, improved bovine tidiness, improved velocity, improved feed admission if headlock mats are introduced, more noteworthy lying time, and decreased physical scraped spots and damage.

Before introducing mats either in back streets or on slows down, makers should visit different dairies with experience of tangle use and become familiar with the upsides and downsides of the framework.

Cow mats are one of the most demanded farming products. People are getting aware day by day and they know this fact if they will give comfort to their cows, the cow will help them to do their business more.​

Cow mats are one of the best solutions to give the maximum comfort and the best thing is it is also easily cleanable and doesn't absorb any dust or water which gives proper hygiene to the cows.​

Polytag India always keeps in mind about the quality and hence they manufacture the cow mats which is accurate in size and thickness.


The thickness of the rubber cow mats plays a very important role as it decides how much comfort your cow is going to get as the accurate padding will be more comfortable for the cow.


​If you want to get the best cow mat for the comfort of your cows.

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Cow mats are also known as cubicle mats, cattle mats & buffalo mats. Cow mats are used for the comfort of the cows so that they can have a comfortable lifestyle which helps in increasing the productivity of cows, cattle, horses, etc.


It is mostly used in dairy farms, where the numbers of cows are huge. ​While sitting, cows get injured due to their heavyweight.


This is where cow mats roles come in as it has the perfect thickness which helps cows to give some padding where they can rest comfortably for a long period of time.​Our cow mats are the best in the market with proper thickness and last for more than 5 years.

Everything you need to know about Animal Rubber Mats

What are the most important factors which must be taken into account while choosing the flooring for your dairy animals? One should think about comfort, safety, economy and convenience. Daily routine of a dairy cow comprises of lying, walking, eating and milking. Typically, a cow spends roughly 14-16 hours lying. This means that more importance should be given to the choice of flooring of your dairy farm in order to provide the optimum lying, walking and standing comfort to dairy animals. Choosing the right flooring for your dairy animals will ensure that your dairy farm can operate efficiently and hygienically in the best way possible.

It must be said that dairy farm animals like Cows and Buffaloes in general are not a concrete floor walker. The cattle as a cloven-hoofed animal is a soft soil walker. It is ineffective to keep such animals on a concrete floor. Rubber Flooring is a simple, effective and practical solution to this problem. Animal Rubber Mats provides insulation against cold, damp concrete floors which is a major source of fatigue and rheumatism, therefore Cows enjoy better rest because floors are less humid and cold.


Rubber Mat for Animals are easy to maintain and at the same time comfortable for the dairy farm animals. These mats can be washed easily and dried quickly depending on indoor or outdoor usage. Using Animal Rubber Mats in Dairy Farms eliminates the need of conventional bedding. Non-porous surface of the Cow Mats helps in filtering out urine and manure. Animal Floor Mats also helps in preventing damage to existing floors of the farm as it absorbs vibrations and noise.


Animal Rubber Mats can be easily installed on a flat concrete surface minimizing construction costs. Various studies have shown that Cows lie down fast and experience a high level of comfort on Animal Rubber Mats. A comfortable Animal Mat increases lying time and improves the overall hoof health resulting in a better yield and longevity of life.


It is important that the cow or buffalo moves around easily, because it has to go to be milked and to feed. And if the feet are sick, they’ll walk less. Thus, it is important to ensure that the flooring surfaces in dairy farms provide heat insulation, high durability, better footing and ideal softness for comfort. The high density of our Animal Rubber Mats provides orthopaedic benefits to help prevent deterioration of the joints of dairy farm animals while providing excellent protection against injuries caused by falls.


Side-by-side installation of Animal Rubber Mats is possible. Interlock edges of the Animal Floor Mats create practically a seamless surface when joined together. Precise Interlocking Design results in reduced installation time and costs. Our Rubber Mats for Animals are also very easy to clean and maintain as we firmly believe that a  clean housing improves the health of your cows and its calves and therefore improves the quality of your milk.

Cow Mats are designed to provide all dairy farm animals with a cleaner, more sanitary environment. Cow Mats prevent cow and calves from getting hurt when they fall on the ground in the dairy farm. The insulating properties of our cow mats also cut away cold and humidity from concrete floors to help safeguard animals against rheumatism and fatigue. The specially-designed density and hardness of our dairy cow mats provide orthopaedic support that reduces potential joint deterioration caused by standing on hard and slippery floors. The dairy cow mats also protect concrete stables, while reducing ambient impact noises caused by the movement of animals and machinery.


POLYTAG’s High Quality Animal Rubber Mats comes with a choice of two grip surfaces. BUBBLE or GRASS Surface over the top of the rubber mat which provides sufficient friction to allow dairy farm animals to stand up and lie down without slipping. 

Drain Channel underneath the rubber mat makes sure that cow bedding remains dry and prevents any possible bacterial growth which helps significantly in providing the best possible animal comfort and durability which in turn creates a healthy environment. The proper firmness and the grooved design of our Animal Mats absorbs the animal’s weight adequately. Cow Mats are an excellent choice for flooring in Dairy Farms. They provide many benefits to both the farm animals and their owners.

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