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Kabaddi Mats

Specifications of Kabaddi Mats






EVA, Rubber, PE, JSR


1m x 1m (Interlocking)

20mm, 25mm, 30mm, 35mm

20-45 Shore A


Flooring for Kabaddi courts

Interlocking Kabaddi Mats

We are one of the leading Kabaddi Mats Manufacturers and Suppliers. Kabaddi mats are made of EVA Rubber compound, available in the density range of:

  • 80 kgs per cubic meter to 150 kgs per cubic meter.


Kabaddi mats come in various sizes and thickness which can be easily customizable according to the need of the buyer.


The thickness of kabaddi mats are available in: 

  • 20mm

  • 25mm

  • 30mm

  • 35mm 


Interlocking edges of kabaddi mats provide seamless continuous flooring for Kabaddi courts and can easily be installed without any need of trained person or adhesive for pasting.


Kabaddi Mats are produced in various colors with double or single sandwiched options and can be customized as per buyer's requirements. The textured pattern on the mat surface provides grip and firm support to sportsmen while performing preventing injuries.


The lightweight of mats help to lay and pack them with less effort and could be shifted from area to others with ease. Kabaddi Mats manufactured by Polytag are in accordance with performance parameters prescribed by the Amateur Kabaddi Federation of India (AKFI). 


Benefits of Kabaddi Mats: 

1. Impact & Vibration Absorption.

2. Strong Floor Grip and a good base for yoga.

3. Oils & Fuels Splash resistance.

4. Easy to clean with a damp cloth.

5. High-Density EVA provides the best cushioning.


Kabaddi mats come in different colors which you can select by your choice. The design on the upper layer of the mat can also be customizable according to the need.

We are the leading kabaddi mats manufacturers in India who provide the mats from the High-Quality EVA used which reduces the injury and absorbs the shocks.

The price of the Kabaddi Mats varies according to the density and the need of the buyer. There are people who look for kabaddi mat amazon, kabaddi full mat price in India, kabaddi mat low price, pro kabaddi mats price.

The mats used in Kabaddi matches by the professional kabaddi players in pro kabaddi matches can also be manufactured by us on special order.

The pro kabaddi mat size is the standard size of 1m X 1m which is the interlocking kabaddi mat. If you want to know about the kabaddi mats sizes and kabaddi mats prices, you can contact us.

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Kabaddi Floor Dimensions 

Screenshot 2020-04-24 at 8.24.35 PM.png

*Side Gallery (Optional)



Avatar 108


13m x 10m

130 / 180* 

Avatar 111


11m x 8m 

88 / 130*

Kabaddi Mats or Kabaddi Floor Mats are made of EVA rubber compound and comes in different sizes and thickness as per the need of the person.

We manufacture the high-quality rubber EVA kabaddi Floor Mats and are one of the leading Kabaddi Floor Mats manufacturers and suppliers. We believe in quality rather than just fake promises and hence, considered as on the top exporters of kabaddi mats.

Interlocking Kabaddi Mats are most commonly used everywhere as it gives better strength and long life for the kabaddi floor. The thickness of the kabaddi mats totally depends on the type of activity being performed on that.


The thick the mat the less the chances of getting hurt. Kabaddi mats play an important role in being good absorbent and help players in getting less injured.

Kabaddi Mats comes in many qualities, sizes, designs, and colors. We manufacture all types of kabaddi floor mats as per the demand by the client.

Kabaddi floor is most commonly used by the professional kabaddi players for practicing before their kabaddi match. The floor should be exactly like the professional kabaddi floor as it can even hurt the kabaddi players while practicing.


Therefore, we keep safety as the first priority and provides the kabaddi flooring as per the required thickness from the client.

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