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Animal Comfort

Flooring surface is one of the most important components of Cow housing as far as animal health, welfare, or comfort are concerned. Various flooring materials are being used for different types of livestock globally. In dairy farms, the most common flooring material used is a concrete floor. Concrete flooring is better in durability and strength but is slippery and surface hardness reduces animal comfort, leading to injuries while sitting or rising. Rubber EVA Cow Mats cover these disadvantages and improve Cow Comfort. Interlocking Mats can be locked to each other for the continuous floor surface. Polytag is a leading manufacturer and exporter of Cow Mats.   

Horse Stall Portrait
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Stables and stalls for Horses are covered with straw or similar bedding material in order to insulate horses from the hard and cold floor and to absorb animal waste and debris. 

To ensure hygiene and cleanliness and to prevent disease spread in these convention bedding, improved bedding must be cleaned out of the stables and waste or debris disposed of. Handling of conventional bedding is labor-intensive and thus managing it efficiently becomes costly.

Rubber EVA
Stable Mats acts like a bouncy cushion yet still resembles the traditional soft bedding and be easy to maintain hygiene at the same time.​ Horse Stable Mats are dust-free, shock-absorbent, and hygienically better to any other conventional particulate bedding.


Stable Mats provide thermal insulation from the environment in stables or stalls or while in transportation like in-vehicle/ trailers. Animal waste, debris are easily removed due to the non-absorbent nature of the Mats. Mats may be also used on walls for the stable enclosure to provide insulation and protect from injury by movement.

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