A cow puts about two-third of its weight on front knees while sitting down. Mat absorbs excessive shock and helps cow to sit/rise painlessly.


A cow lies down and rises several times every day. Soft surface encourages cow to lie down for longer time periods. 

Lying down increases blood flow through udder by upto 30%

A cow produces most of her milk while lying down. 



High density foam made to sustain loads more than 600 kgs without losing its cushioning, providing soft and flexible surface for lying.

Acts as a thermal insulator which helps in maintaining body temperature contributing to improve overall health of a dairy cow.

Mats do not absorb liquids, thus are easy to wash or clean and helps in keeping cattle hygiene. 

Textured pattern on mats provides required foothold while rising/sitting and reducing any possible injury or animal stress.

Underneath drain channel makes sure that bedding remains dry and prevents possible bacterial growth.


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