Kids Play Mats

Specifications of Kids Play Mats






Soft EVA


1ft x 1ft, 2ft x 2ft, more...

10mm, 15mm, 20mm,...

10-30 Shore A


Kids Play Area, Crawling Mats, Educational & Recreational, Puzzles

Baby Play & crawling Mats

We are one of the leading manufacturers of Kids play mats. Kids play mats are made of Soft EVA grade which is Odourless and Non-Toxic. Suitable for baby crawl area protecting kids from hard floor surface. Available in various Alphabets and Numeric combinations. The kids play mats could be used at Shopping mall, park/gardens, play centres, village, entertainment park, supermarket, kindergarten, school, restaurants, resorts, and recreational centres, and other areas of public use. Improve children's energy & imagination. Satisfy kids' mental needs of surpassing, excelling & exploring. Helps children grow up in a Healthy manner.

Kids play mats are one of the highly demanded products in the kid's sector as babies are really fascinated with the colors, shapes and numerical and alphabets. The only motive of creating the colorful kids play mats is to grab the attention of the children and help them in learning from the beginning of their life. Kids play mats has made the learning fun for kids.

Children Play Mats

Hop, play, learn, grow, Children/Kids play mats are in excess of a ground surface alternative, they are a spot for gaining experiences, making first strides, learning your ABCs and making those fun, free, senseless minutes that shape whom we become as grown-ups. The opportunity of dynamic play is something immensely important for children and guardians the same, and our children play mats give you a spot to cause those minutes to happen securely and effortlessly. Regardless of whether you spread your whole den floor with this delicate ground surface, or simply have an extraordinary play tangle region, our children play mats will make a delicate, unique and FUN spot for your kid to grow up. Lightweight and versatile, these froth mats for children can head out with you to grandmother and grandpa's home, to your den floor, and any place you go, so you can keep your youngsters securely in locating and do those things that guardians never truly have the opportunity to do like, you know, taking care of the tabs or showering. In this way, what I'm stating is kids play mats will keep your power turned on and make you smell better. The entirety of the triumphant.

Soft Floor Mats for Baby

Soft floor mats for baby is also known as foam floor mats for baby and kids play mats. The term soft floor mats for baby is used because kids play mats are made by using soft EVA Sheets which is suitable for the kids as they can easily play with the mats without getting hurt. 
Soft floor mats for baby comes in different sizes, colors, and patterns as per the order of the customer. We as kids play mats manufacturers always try to provide a high-quality product as we cannot sacrifice with the health of the kids or babies. The soft floor mats for the baby can be customizable and is the best product for learning of the kids while playing.

Soft Floor Mats for Kids

Soft Floor Mats for Kids is the other name of kids play mats. We are the leading EVA kids play mats manufacturer and provides the high-quality soft floor mats for kids for their fun learning and education. We provide the soft floor mats for kids in different sizes, textures, and colors as per the requirement of the customer. We use high-quality soft EVA which is non-toxic and safe for kids.