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World Healthcare industry is highly innovative and technology-driven, changing the face of healthcare worldwide. Globally, it is a rapidly advancing industry impacting and improving aspects such as diagnosis, treatment, and delivery.

EVA Medical sheets are closed-cell foams comprising millions of tiny bubbles interlinked with each other. This provides resistance to moisture with strength and rigidity. The combination of high strength and lightweight makes it the best available material for producing rigid foot orthotics.

Man with Amputee Lifting Weight
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Artificial limbs are light in weight and high in strength, custom made-up devices that are used for amputees with lost limbs caused by diseases or injuries. Material characteristics of EVA sheets like low density and thermoformability make is versatile material especially in medical and healthcare products. Prosthetics and orthotics see the major application of EVA as padding raw material in making products ranging from artificial limbs, arms to insoles, footwear components. Custom made orthotics have clinically proven advantages over prefabricated ones in terms of improved pain management and comfort.

EVA Sheet provides softness and comfort required to pad cushion these products. One of the major products made of EVA is Philadelphia collar or cervical collar. 

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