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Company Profile

Polytag is a renowned and well-established manufacturer of EVA Sheets or Cross-linked Microcellular, Closed-cell Foam. Offers foam of various polymer blends including EVA/PE/TPE/Rubber with differing Density and Colour options. Its products are used in a wide range of markets including Footwear, Flooring, Sports, Packaging, Cow Mats, Kabaddi Mats, Yoga Mats and Healthcare. Foams are manufactured using moulded bun method by compression moulding technique.


With expertise and experience in the field of closed cell foams Polytag meets its customer's highest expectations. Our dedicated product development lab helps develop new or improve existing products to meet growing market demands

Legal Business Name - Bela Tagra  

Manufacturing Process

Cross-Linked polyolefin foam bun stocks are commercially produced by batch processes employing a chemical blowing agent. The process using CBA evolved from the old rubber foam process and is sometimes called the compression molding process since the foam shape is formed in a mold loaded on a hot press.


A homogenous mixture of the polymer, cross-linker, and blowing agent is formed into a slab, heated in a mold on a press so that the cross-linking agent can cross-link the polymer and the blowing agent can decompose, and expanded by a release of pressure.

EVA Sheet Production Line. Polytag - Manufaturer of EVA Sheets for Footwear, Sole Sheets, Rubber Cow Mats, Kabaddi Mats, Interlocking Mats.

 EVA Sheet Production Line

Crosslinked molecellular manufaturer
Closed Cell Foam Manufacturer
EVA Sheet Manufacturer

Key properties of EVA/PE Sheets

- Resiliency/ Cushioning

- Sound & Energy Absorption

- Buoyancy

- Resistance to chemicals

- Low Thermal Conductivity & Insulation

- Low Water Vapor Transmission

- Thermoformability

- Ease of Fabrication

EVA Foam
Company Profile - POLYTAG
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