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Updated: Mar 25, 2021

Kids Play Mats

Regardless of whether your child is a new born baby or has started babbling or crawling.

Playing is the most important characteristic which results in certainty, neuromuscular improvement, engine abilities, and imagination for which Kids Play Mats has major role as kid’s spends most of their time on it.

Why does your Kids Need Play mats?

You can't generally prevent your children from playing the manner in which they need as at the point when your little one goes from cuddly child to inquisitive crawler to fun loving tot, you'll need to have a protected and delicate zone assigned for play. Kids Floor mats are an advantageous arrangement for it.

Everything at each phase of your life ought to be both practical and delightful especially with your kids. Our Eco-friendly kids play mats provides great plan with the delight of recess. You don't need to pick between what's protected and a good time for your children and what looks great in your home as our non-toxic and Eco-friendly kids play mats has solved it all for you.

kids play mats

Best Ways to choose the Appropriate Play mats for your Child.

Kids play mats can be the best gift for your kids childhood but as a guardian you have to make the best choice with the help of mentioned pointers.

1.) Non-Toxic, Non-Allergic, Non-Irritating

Babies are sensitive and have a really delicate skin. They tend to get skin problems easily, some because of the environment other because of the harmful materials used in toys, games etc. PVC, as we have mentioned above, are still used in some of the elements which are used by kids while playing. So, it is better to replace this harmful PVC rather than opting for it. EVA (from which the kids play mats are made) has the quality of non-toxicity. It is NOT harmful and is 'non-irritating' for the babies.

2.) The Thicker, The Safer

While purchasing an Eco-friendly and non-toxic kids play mat it is important to keep the thickness of mat in mind. It depends on where you are placing it. These play mats are used at home, nursery, school or anywhere the kid is. Polytag has come up with three different variants in terms of the thickness. The kids play mat comes in 10mm, 15mm and 20mm. The thicker a mat, the safer it is for a kid.

3.) Eco-Friendly

With the Eco-friendly factor of EVA, it is meant that they are easily recyclable and are even 'safe'. The word safe here means, safe for the environment your children will live in. And most importantly, it is a biodegradable product. Hence, helps us in creating a sustainable environment for our future generations.

4) No pointed/ Sharp Edges

The Play mats should be as soft as cotton as the skin of baby is very soft and without giving even a single thought to it. Your baby’s comfort is more important. So you should always choose the mat which has no sharp edges or pointed corners.

5.) Easy to Wash

Children are muddled, genuinely untidy now and again! Diaper blasts and spit-up happen constantly, so it's basic that your infant outfit is effectively cleaned. In a perfect world Polytag India serves you with the Play mats which is easily machine launder able, with the goal that implies the curves ought to isolate effectively.

6.) Quality Measures

Polytag provides with Kids play mats which are made of Soft EVA grade with no hidden hazardous chemicals that affect the children negatively. So, EVA sheet used by polytag is a safe, Eco-friendly and non-toxic element for kids or any other person.

Play Mats for kids

When you should start using Play mats for your Kids?

Guardians can begin utilizing a play-mat from the very first moment, however children can start to appreciate utilizing it the most somewhere in the range of three and a half year old. At this stage, your child begins to build up his deftness, and also his capacity to connect and get a handle on for danging toys. Laying on a story tangle gives your infant a lot of training! Commonly, when an infant can slither, a story tangle is the last place he needs to invest his energy!

Applications of Kids Play Mats

These mats could be used at Shopping mall, park/gardens, play centers, village, entertainment park, supermarket, kindergarten, school, restaurants, resorts, and recreational centers, and other areas of public use. Improve children's energy & imagination. Satisfy kid's mental needs of surpassing, excelling & exploring. Helps children grow up in a Healthy manner.

Polytag India – The Best Kids Play Mats Manufacturers and Suppliers in India

Polytag is India's renowned manufacturers and suppliers which gives you the best play mats which is Suitable for baby crawl area protecting kids from hard floor surface. Available in various Alphabets and Numeric combinations. Our Mats take care of the enjoyment of yours childhood and also makes sure you as parents never regret to make the best investment with us gifting

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