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What makes cow mats effective?

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

Rubber Cow Mats –Improving Overall Efficiency of Dairy Farms

In dairy farms, cows are restricted in their lying behavior in many ways.

A planned designed lying area will ensure better cow comfort or well-being and higher production levels for dairy cows.

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So Bedding surface or Material has the potential to improve the overall health of Dairy Cows resulting in better Farm Management.

Traditionally sand has been used as a primary bedding surface with straw or wood flour to absorb excess moisture of urine.

Even concrete/ bricks surface is very prevalent in dairy farms. Sand provides a soft surface suitable for bedding but retains moisture for a longer period which encourages the growth of pathogens and maintaining sand is labor intensive which makes sand an expensive bedding choice.

Concrete is less expensive to maintain but the hard surface is bad for Dairy Cows as it results in injury knee while sitting and rising. Both of these have a few disadvantages with considering modern dairy practices.

Ideal bedding should be soft and have enough strength to prevent any damage from the cow movement. Additionally should be clean and Hygienic.


EVA Rubber Cow Mats for bedding comes to be more useful compared to Sand and Concrete.

EVA Rubber mats are soft which encourages Cow to rest on them for longer times. A comfortable surface for resting ensures improvement in the overall health of Cows.

These mats do not absorb water and are easy to clean. Farmers using EVA Rubber Cow Mats have noticed an increase in milk yield as an indicator of improving productivity.

Additionally reduction on injury while sitting/ rising and in lameness also contributes to improving well being. Interlocking Cow Mat cab is laid continuously to get seamless bedding.

Modern Dairy Farm often uses Interlocking Mats as an effective bedding surface. Study shows these farms have higher productivity compared to other farms with poor management practices.

The study further shows that once a Cow starts using Mats, it is quite hard for them to change this habit. It clearly shows Cow prefers sitting on mats compared to other bedding.

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