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Updated: Jul 14, 2021


Cow mats are preferable for cows for their comfort and health. The Cow being a mother of every single living element and the virtual sustainer of life is so imperative to live.

The Gods and men live on bovine items. Till the Sun sparkles, the universe will have Cows. The entire universe relies upon the help of the cow. So, we as human beings should understand the comfort of cows and should use rubber cow mats for them.

Rubber Cow Mats

Following are a portion of the advantages of cows:-

1. Cow pee and dairy animal fertilizer are utilized for various reasons in their day by day life exercises. It contains minerals extraordinarily Copper, gold salts, etc.

2. Cow ghee helps in the development and improvement of Children's cerebrum.

3. Drain, curd, ghee, dairy animals pee and bovine dung, these have Excellent restorative characteristics independently and also an invention, with no unfriendly Side-impact.

The comfort of cows is directly proportional to their productivity and profitability. Their comfort levels will also affect their health and well-being with it’s profit to the owners.

Cow Mats

Cow Mats are the saviors of cow’s life and cow’s life is savior of human life.

The following are some of the advantages of buying good rubber cow mats for your cows:

1. Reduced Health Risks In Cows.

2. It has been a proven fact that cow yields more milk & for longer period, when floor mats being in service.

3. Eco-friendly and can endure years of rough usage.

4. It’s worth the investment because they will serve cows for a very long time.

Rubber Cow Mats

Why Choose Polytag as Best cow Mats manufacturers

We as an EVA sheet manufacturer always focuses on the quality and various ways to help others by our manufacturing of products and supplying. So we started the production of Cow Mats in India. We are the Rubber Cow Mats manufacturers, Suppliers, and Exporters in India.

Cow comfort is very critical as cows spent most of the time lying and it is necessary for cows to lie down comfortably to produce more milk as if there will be an increase in the lying time the production of milk will increase more.

Cow bedding provides the best comfort to the cow as it remains cool in summer and produces warmth in the winters. It also prevents the cow from certain types of injuries. It is also cost-efficient and easy to clean.

Benefits of Cow Mats:

· Provides Comfort and Protection

· Hygienic/Anti-Bacterial

· Reduces Injury

· Non-Absorbent

· Slip Resistant Surface

· Increases Milk Yield and Productivity

· Light Weight/Easy to Handle

· Absorbs Shock

· Easy to Clean

The following are some of the biggest USPs of Polytag as the best cow mats manufacturers in India.


Polytag India is the rubber cow mats suppliers in India. We manufacture with the best quality triple-layer EVA sheet by keeping in mind the long-term relationship to our clients and to provide the best possible comfort to cows so that they can lie down for hours with comfort which will result in the increased productivity of milk.

We supply the cow mats all over in India and overseas as well. To get the best price for wholesale orders you can contact us anytime. We’ll be happy to serve you.


Polytag India is also the rubber cow mats exporters in India. As we’ve our own manufacturing in India so we always try to manufacture the best quality cow mats so that our clients will never get dissatisfied with the products they receive from us in bulk. Our USP of the best quality products is the reason that we’ve our clients overseas as well.

FAQ's | Frequently Asked Questions

Warranty on Cow Mats?

2 years for manufacturing defects.

Life of Rubber Mats?

5 years on average.

Minimum Order Quantity of Buffalo Mats?

5 mats per order.

Why need Animal Comfort Mats?

Cow Mat is Rubberized bedding for Dairy Cows. Protects Cows from Injury while sitting/rising. Keeps them comfortable and increases overall health.

Does cow foot damage mat’s surface?

Mats are made of Non Tearing rubber which does not get damaged easily. Some cut marks may appear over a few months’ use, but they do not affect Mats Performance.

How do I get delivery of mats?

Mats are sent through road transport companies all over India. We have an association with major transport companies assuring the timely and safe delivery of Mats. Door Delivery and Godown Delivery options available.

How do I install EVA Cow Mats?

Mats are simply laid down next to each other. No extra work required.

Why Polytag Cow Mats are light in weight compared to heavy mats?

Polytag Cow Mats are made of Sponge Rubber, which provides extra comfort like a cushion while laying. Heavy mats have very hard rubber surface, do not promote comfort like sponge rubber.

How do I purchase Rubber Cow Mats?

Contact us through telephone or email or website and share your details. We will arrange delivery at nearest centre to your location. Payment could be made through Online Transfer/ Cash Deposit.

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