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POLYTAG is a renowned and well established Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter of EVA Sheets or Cross-linked Microcellular, Closed Cell Foam. Offers products of various polymer blends including EVA/PE/TPE/Rubber. Its products are used in a wide range of markets including Footwear, Flooring, Sports, Packaging, Animal Comfort and Healthcare. Products are manufactured using moulded bun method by compression moulding technique. 


EVA Sole Sheets
BJJ Mats
Gym Mats


POLYTAG has office located in Delhi and Manufacturing Facility in Bhiwadi, Rajasthan. We are one of the leading manufacturers of Gym Mats, Kabaddi Mats, Kids play mats, Interlocking Mats, MMA Mats, BJJ Mats, Cow Mats , EVA Foam Sheets etc. 

We manufacture almost everything in EVA industry with high-quality material by using advanced manufacturing process providing superior product standard. We have our customers all over the globe with a very high level of satisfaction with the service.

We are the manufacturer and supplier of Gym Floor Mats, Kabaddi Floor Mats, Interlocking Gym Mats, Yoga Mats which can be customised in density and colour according to the demand.

Our experienced staff is well versed and have full knowledge of how equipment used and hence they produce high-quality EVA sheets and EVA Foam Products. 

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