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Polytag- The Indian Brand for Yoga Mats Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Polytag Manufacturers Yoga Mats made up of EVA, TPE, NBR with modern processing techniques meeting markets needs.

Yoga Mats Manufacturers in India | Yoga Mats

Yoga bestows upon every aspirant the powers to control body, mind and Yoga Mats helps to keep the person rejuvenated and energized.

The yoga mat serve as the space in which our minds might experience some relief from the stress-laden, chaotic, and capricious nature of daily life.

There is a wide variety of yoga mats that are available in different sizes, colors and density. Polytag India has proven to be the best quality yoga mats manufacturers according to the present need of the customers.

The yoga mat does more than just provide a sticky surface. The mat defines your own space. We personalize our mats to more accurately reflect your own soul. It is not just about picking the right color. We need to decide if we are going with PVC or an “eco” mat. We also need to decide on size, thickness, portability, and trending designs.

Polytag India is the Yoga Mats manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in India. We are the wholesalers of yoga mats in India and manufacture the high-quality yoga mats of the best density required by the customer which is long lasting and comfortable to use.

Yoga Mats properly support your body which is really essential for your comfortable and convenient work out sessions. A good Yoga mat helps you in improving your postures of doing exercise and helps in increasing the time of your work out.

Yoga mats prevents and decreases the number of injuries which can be caused while working out on the plain surfaces. To have a better posture and more concentration and long-time exercises or work out, a perfect yoga mat is essential.

soft yoga mats

How to select a Right Yoga Mat for you?

Yoga mats comes in different sizes and shapes, moreover the density and manufacturing of it also matters a lot. To select a perfect mat for you, the points mentioned below should be taken care of:

· Use:- You should be clear with the fact that why you want a mat and what activities you’re going to perform on it as I’ve also mentioned earlier that yoga mats comes in different sizes and density so it totally depends on the thickness of the mat as for certain yoga styles you need a mat with good thickness.

· Durability:- If you practice more often and regularly, then you should keep this in mind that the mat should be thicker than the average one. Consider investing in a high quality if you practice more often but if you do sometimes then a regular one will also work.

· Sweat absorbency:- It is so important that your mats should have the capabilities of absorbing you sweat as it is quite obvious that while working out sweat comes a lot which makes the surface slippery and uncomfortable to exercise on, so a good yoga mat should have the capabilities of absorbing the sweat.

· Easy to clean:- Plain surfaces allow the person to clean the mat easily. It is no necessary that you should keep it clean as it may cause infection if kept in sweat without cleaning.

Although, selecting a perfect yoga mat is very challenging but not difficult. If you’ve a good knowledge and you’re clear with your goals then you can easily opt for a best one. In-spite of all the activities or intense exercise the padding of a yoga mat matters a lot, a well-padded mat will helps in protecting from the injuries.

The size of the mat is the another feature to select, a perfect yoga mat is considered as the one which can cover you from your head to feet so that all the workout and exercise can be done without getting off from the yoga mat.

TPE Yoga mats

Following are some of the Factors which define Polytag India as the best yoga mats manufacturers, suppliers and exporters.

Manufacturing Process

One of the biggest reason for which Polytag is renowned and well established is it’s manufacturing process as for Cross-Linked polyolefin foam bun stocks are commercially produced by batch processes employing a chemical blowing agent. The process using CBA evolved from the old rubber foam process, and is sometimes called the compression moulding process, since the foam shape is formed in a mould loaded on a hot press.

A homogenous mixture of the polymer, cross-linker, and blowing agent is formed into a slab, heated in a mould on a press so that the cross-linking agent can cross-link the polymer and the blowing agent can decompose, and expanded by a release of pressure.


To serve prevalent items for the act of yoga and the delight in its way of life.

Values The following values of us also defines Polytag as best yoga manufacturers

• Consistent good quality in all of our yoga mats

• Excellent service in receiving, processing, and shipping

• Satisfaction of our customers is most valued

• Giving our employees a great environment in which to work and grow.

We make all type of mats with different sizes, density and colors according to the need of the clients. We also customize the yoga mats as per the demand on bulk orders.

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