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What are EVA Sheets? EVA Sheets Manufacturers in India

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

What are EVA Sheets?

EVA Foam Sheet or EVA Sheet is a substance that entraps on the inside, well-dispersed bubbles/cells. Polymer foams are composed of two phases, in which a blowing agent is used to generate stabilized

bubble structures inside the polymer matrix.

EVA sheets

Figure: Ethylene Vinyl Acetate EVA Molecule

Cross-Linked EVA Foam Sheet

Polyolefin foams (EVA Sheets, LD Sheets) are fourth ranked, after polyurethane (PU),

polystyrene (PS), and poly (vinyl chloride) (PVC) foams. The increasing demand for cross-linked

EVA Foam Sheets makes them have one of the highest growth rates Polyolefin foam is one of the most important categories within polymer foams. It had first been marketed inthe early 1960s and the areas of application include footwear, packaging, sports and leisure, toys, insulation,automotive, buoyancy, cushioning and others .

In terms of final foam properties, the wide range of polyolefin foams can be divided into

hard foams, which are obtained using polypropylene (PP) or other high strength basic polyolefin, and softer foams, which are obtained using co-polymer, such as ethylene vinyl acetate or EVA Soft polyolefin foam from EVA comes with the property of elasticity, which is due to the ability of the long chains to reshape them back to the original configuration after the applied stress is released. Soft EVA Foam Sheets made of polyolefin have a wide application, such as cushioned packagingmaterials, floatation materials, padding in various sports equipment, shock absorbers, and sportsshoe soles/slippers/sandals.

Key properties of EVA Sheets:

- Resiliency/ Cushioning