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Updated: Apr 26, 2019

Comfort, safety & style; a Gym Mat helps you to get them all. They are useful not only in those three terms. But it also saves the floor from the tough cracks and vibrations caused by the weights.

The Gym Rubber Mats differ from the exercise or yoga mats. They are thicker, durable and have more power to bare the force caused by the exercise.

Using right gym mats guarantees the protection & security of the gymnast and the trainer. But how will choose the best one for your gym? So, here is the Polytag India Guide for you.

We have classified the mats according to the material, purpose and shock absorption.


When talking about the material, we can classify gym mats into two categories: Rubberized EVA and Crumb Rubber.

Rubberized EVA provides a combination of light cushion & fall protection. Absorbs Impact of falling weights and reduces noise and vibration ensuring safety of people exercising in gym.

Whereas Rubber Crumb is suitable for heavy weights keeping floor damage free and increases gym equipment life. All weather resistance of Crumb Rubber makes its best suitable material for outdoor gyms, athletic tracks and kids play areas.


Select the best one while keeping the purpose and usage of the gym mats in mind. There are different types of gym mats which serves a different purpose. Like Rubber Gym Mats, Interlocking or Rubber Tile Mats, Weight Lifting Mats, Anti-Fatigue Mats. Weight Lifting Mats are necessary for the area where the weightlifting equipment is placed. You cannot use Anti-Fatigue Mats here. So you need to be clear about the "purpose" while choosing the gym mats.

-Shock Absorption

After classifying your purpose, you need to know about the level of shock absorption of a gym mat. As stated above, the two materials namely, Rubberized EVA and Crumb Rubber have different characteristics. It is important that a mat should have more pads in it. As it keeps the joints of a gymnast safe and shockproof. Hence, it is important to select the best gym mats to keep the gymnast and the trainer comfortable and safe.

The mats, particularly for a gym, come in a variety. So it is necessary to know the purpose & use of these mats.

1.) Rubber Gym Mats

It is a type of floor mat which provide safety and comfort during the training session. And also prevents accidents and injuries that can be caused. They add a style statement to your gym interior.

2.) Weight Lifting Mats

These are indestructible mats with the textured surface. They come in different sizes varying from three-eighths to three- fourths inches. They are particularly for the gym area where weightlifting equipment is placed.

3.) Interlocking Mats

They are also known as Rubber Tile Mats. They are convenient and can easily be placed anywhere in the gym. Their size differs from three-eighths to three-fourths inches.

4.) Exercise Machine Mats

As the name suggests, they are placed under the heavy machines to protect the floor of the gym. As the equipment and machines in the gym are bulky so one needs to protect it. Exercise Machine Mat keep the flooring safe and away from the scratches.

5.) Anti-fatigue Mats

Want comfort pillows or cushion to protect your spine? This is the right type of a mat to go for. People do certain exercises which strain the spine and lower back. The back and legs are protected when using it and give protection to the beginners and the trainers.

So picking up the right one for your gym, for the comfort of your clients and trainers is the most important task to do. It will not only give comfort and provide a style statement to your gym, but these gym mats also lessen the risk and make the gymnasts' feel safe. The above guide to choose the Best Gym Mats for your gym will make this task easy for you.

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