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EVA Sheets for footwear- Polytag | Manufacturers and suppliers in India

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

Let’s begin with one of the questions that is asked most often and made to be much more over complicated than is Vital.

What exactly is EVA sheet for footwear?

EVA Sheets for footwear are made from EVA or Ethylene vinyl acetate which is an extremely elastic material. EVA is an eco-friendly material and can be recycled. It is somewhat similar to rubber but has better toughness. This permeable plastic material has some unique properties like it is flexible, waterproof, stress crack resistant, low-temperature toughness and defiance from UV (ultraviolet) radiations. The odor of EVA is like vinegar, and in many electrical applications, it is competitive with rubber and vinyl polymer products.

EVA is made by combining two plastics, namely, vinyl acetate and ethylene. The rigidity of product plastic (EVA) depends on the above two plastics. The more the amount of vinyl acetate in the mixture, the less brittle the product. Below are the three formulations:

1.) Low Percentage Vinyl Acetate

When the percentage of vinyl acetate is low (usually up to 4%), in combination with ethylene, the formulation is the most brittle ones. This combination makes a hard foam product.

2.) Medium Percentage Vinyl Acetate

In combination with ethylene, when the percentage of vinyl acetate is medium (between 4% to 30%), the formulation, in comparison to the low percentage, is flexible.

3.) High Percentage Vinyl Acetate

If you want the most flexible and versatile formulation then the ratio of vinyl acetate in combination to ethylene should be greater than 40%.

Expanded Rubber or Foam Rubber are the two other popular names for EVA. The Foam Rubber or EVA is used in various sports accessories and equipment including bicycle saddles, hockey pads, martial arts & hockey gloves etc. With additional properties of man-made and animal-friendly material.


EVA is used in making vegan shoes. It has a major use in the Athletic Footwear Industry. It is used as a mid sole in the shoes or casual sandals. In recent years, PU tried to replace EVA Foam Sheets for the footwear mid sole, but it is said that EVA as compared to PU is more durable. Most of the running and casual footwear is made using these foam sheets as it provides better cushioning & protection to the feet.

Besides the addition to the Athletic Industry, there are several other applications of EVA. It is a material that is used to provide grip to just anything that needs them. Have you seen those flexible tubes of vacuum cleaners, beer brewing and industrial machines? Yes, they are made up of EVA only. Costumes for the high-budget films to add special effects and your fancy dress, all are made using this. It is a substitute material for the cork too.


EVA sheets are also used for the middle sole of shoe parts, out-sole & insole. There are the 3 Components of Soles :-

Out-sole – The bottom of the shoe.